Add Duplicate Adcopy with Different Display & Destination URL

Usually whenever we add exactly same adcopy in same adgroup with just a different display and destination url – Google system delete the old ads and replace the old ads with current ads with new display destination url. We just can’t afford to delete the ads & want to keep them pause, so that we can unpause whenever we want and can also see the stats.

Now there are two solutions as explained below:

1. AdWords Editor: If you use AdWords Editor with is very handy and useful to make changes quickly. So, now here is the screenshot which will show you how with a small tweak in a AdWords Editor settings you can duplicate adcopy with different display & destination url. Open AdWords Editor > Go to Tools Menu >> Select Settings from Dropdown >> Click General >> And change option as seen in the below screenshot:

Add Duplicate Adcopy with Different Display & Destination URL

2. AdWords User Interface: You can do it in AdWords UI also if you have same destination url for all ads. You can do it for paused ads too. Select all ads > Click Edit >> Click “Changed ad text” >> Click checkbox “Duplicate selected text ads and set text in duplicates. As shown in the screenshot below.

Add Duplicate Adcopy with Different Display & Destination URL

Easy and Simple Solution of a Simple problem. 🙂


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