AdWords Editor 11.5 Supports Expanded Text Ads

Since Google rolled out expanded text ads globally, Advertisers will be keen to test Expanded text ads. To make your work easy and quick, update your AdWords Editor to version 11.5. AdWords Editor Version 11.5 supports expanded text ads

AdWords Editor 11.5 Supports Expanded Text Ads

New updated AdWords Editor 11.5 supports Mobile App Engagement Ads. You can now create and edit mobile app engagement ads.

Allows Import, Export and post changes for Multiple accounts at the same time.  You can now import CSV file to multiple accounts and can also export more than one account in single CSV file.

AdWords Editor new update allows you to create and edit structured snippet ads.  Search improvements made for better search experience within AdWords Editor 11.5. While downloading campaigns, you are now able to “filter by type” of campaigns. AdWords Editor 11.5 now allow you to sort multiple columns. You can also uploaded optional landscape image while making app install campaigns.

Download AdWords Editor 11.5


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