AdWords Editor Version 12.2

Google AdWords Editor Version 12.2

AdWords Editor Version 12.2

Update your AdWords Editor to its latest version 12.2 if you haven’t done it yet. New Editor versions  12.2 includes Gmail Asset-based ads, promotion extension, total budget selection for video campaigns, updated custom rules, Semantic location and more. All updates are mentioned below:

Gmail asset-based ads are fully supported in Version 12.2.

Video campaigns now have the option of choosing Campaign Total budget type. Also, Video campaign extensions are now supported.

Bid Modifier for Locations now supported in AdWords Editor.

You can add Promotion extension in new Editor Version 12.2. It is now fully supported.

Custom rules updated

New category “Life Events” added as audience targeting

Ad Rotation at adgroup level is now supported in Editor Version 12.2

New languages Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu are now available for Campaign language targeting.


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