AdWords New Promotion Ad Extension

What is Promotion Extension?

Promotion extension allows you to highlight offers, sales, promotions and deals along with your text ads. The extension will benefit the user who is searching for deals that your business offers. Promotion ad extension is great for e-commerce PPC advertisers. It’s a great extension to add to your campaigns when rolling any new promotions. It’s very easy to set-up with great results. This extension can be added to search network text ads and it appears at the top and at the bottom of Google search result pages.

The promotion ad extension appears below your ad. You can directly add your discounts and can select special occasions such as “Black Friday”, “Back-to-school” etc. You can add a start date and end date for this extension. And can also use tagging options and device preferences.


Steps to Add Promotion Extension

Under “Ads & extensions” tab of the new AdWords interface.  Click on Extensions Tab. Click +Extension and select Promotion Extension from drop down. Now Choose account, campaigns, ad group to create the new promotion.

AdWords New Promotion Ad Extension

Occasions that you can choose to add, if you do not want to add occasions, you can choose none:

AdWords New Promotion Ad Extension

Promotions can be added as monetary discount and percentage discount.

AdWords New Promotion Ad Extension

Under promotion details, you can add orders above and can also add promo code.AdWords New Promotion Ad Extension

You can add start date and end date. Tagging and device preference options. You can also schedule your promotion extension.
AdWords New Promotion Ad Extension

Required Feilds are currency, promotion type, item and final URL.

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