AdWords Universal App Campaigns To Promote App

Recently, Google AdWords retired Search and Display mobile app campaigns. Now Universal App campaign is the only campaign type to promote App on AdWords.

Universal App Campaign (UAC) is a campaign type which allows ad to run across search network, display network, Google Play and YouTube. UAC is an automatic campaign type advances in machine learning technology to locate relevant customers for the app. UAC campaigns are easy to setup, no keywords requires, no adgroups grouping required, no ads creation required. All the heavy work will be taken care of by machine learning technology. You just need to setup campaign by selecting app you want to promote, add budget, add some ad text ideas and targeting CPA.

How to Setup Universal All Campaigns

Go to Campaigns, Click on + button. And select Universal App

AdWords Universal App Campaigns To Promote App

Select the app platform. Search and select your app by typing app name, package name or publisher

AdWords Universal App Campaigns To Promote App

Give campaign name of your choice and add your Ad ideas. You can ad text ideas, images and video.

Now select campaign settings such as language, location, budget, bidding, campaign optimization, delivery method, start date, end date, location advance options etc. The important settings here is choosing campaign optimization:Install volume, In actions, In actions value. Bidding available is target cost per install.

Best Practices: No much best practices can be applied since it’s an automatic campaigns. Few to consider:

  1. Make small bidding changes and measure your performance before and after. Adjusting small increments of bids helps your understand if the installs are less because you’re paying less cost per install. Do not make major changes to bids more often.
  2. Adding account level placement exclusions can be a good idea.
  3. Ad testing is great option. You can add text ads, images, videos and HTML5 elements. Test variations and see what works best for you.

About Universal App Campaigns

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