Affiliate Location Extension

About Affiliate Location Extension

Affiliate location extensions helps you find new customers if you are a manufacturer and you sell products through retail chains. With the help of Affiliate location extensions your customers are able to find nearby stores that has products that you sell.

How Affiliate Location Extensions work?

User make a search on Google for a product and your ad will appear with Affiliate Location extension which shows nearest store which sells your product as an address or on google map. User can tap directions on mobile to get the directions to the store. User can follow the directions, gets to the store and buys your product.

Location Extension Vs Affiliate Location Extension

Use location extension when you are advertising your own business and use affiliate location extension when you are manufacturer selling products via retail chains.

To use location extension you need to link google my business account with google AdWords. To use affiliate extensions no linking of google my business account is needed. You just add affiliate location extensions of the place where your products are sold.

Use Affiliate Location Extension

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