Google Adwords

AdWords New Maximize Conversions Bidding

AdWords Maximize Conversions Bidding

Maximize Conversions Bidding Google recently announced new automatic bidding strategy Maximize Conversions. This new bidding strategy is to bring you most of the conversions within your daily budget. Maximize conversions bidding automatically set a bid for each auction to help you gain most conversions uses advance machine learning. Maximize Conversions is …

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New Smart Display Campaigns

Google introduced Smart Display campaigns which will work automatically. Smart display campaign already started to rolling out to all advertisers globally which will help you reach more customers easily. This new campaign use machine learning to automate your display campaigns. These campaigns automatically find customers who may be interested in your services/products …

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Google AdWords Certification Exam

Google AdWords Certified Individual Badge

Everything You Need to Know about Google AdWords Certification! Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation certificate for individuals who show knowledge of AdWords basics and advance aspects. Google Certification exams for AdWords is designed for individuals to test their basic to advance knowledge of AdWords which includes campaign creation, management, …

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Big Changes to AdWords Exact Match Keywords

AdWords Exact Match Changes

AdWords Exact Match Keywords are no longer matched to exactly searched queries. Google recently announced big change to Exact Match keyword targeting works on AdWords. Exact Match Keywords no longer triggers for exactly search terms and its close variants (typos, stemmings, acronyms, abbreviations, accents, singular form, plural form etc.). For …

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Google Customer Reviews to Replace Google Trusted Stores program

Google launched Google customer reviews which will help receive & share customer feedback while earning seller rating. Since long 1000s of merchants using Google Trusted Stores program to earn customers trust. Today Google introduced Google customer reviews which is to replace Google Trusted stores program. Google customer reviews offers better …

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