Converted Clicks are Retiring

Google is retiring converted clicks metric and advertisers need to rely on conversions metrics. After September 2016, Google AdWords will no longer be supporting converted clicks and converting clicks reporting will be removed soon. In case you are using converted clicks for your bid metric, you account will automatically use conversions metric after September. In case you are using Target CPA, Automatic bidding, ECPC for converting click metric, you need to change it to conversions else it will automatically will use conversions metrics after Sep 2016. To make things easier for you, Google AdWords will offer you Migration Tool which will change some of conversions settings to make conversions metrics close to converted clicks metrics. Tool will only be available for Advertisers using automatic bidding for converting clicks bid metric.

If you are using conversion as bid metrics, you do not need to change anything. As converted click metric reporting will not be available later you can download and save reports now in advance.

Read details about moving from converted clicks to conversions

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