Customer Match Now Allow Advertisers to Target by Phone Numbers and Addresses

Google introduced Customer Match Targeting in year 2015, it allow advertisers to target users by uploading list of email addresses of their customers on Google Search, Gmail and YouTube campaigns. Customer Matching targeting is great and powerful targeting strategy. Google expanded it to shopping Campaigns in year 2016. Though, Google is not able to match all user email with their network and not all advertisers has a large database of email addresses, its still a great targeting strategy.

Now In year 2017 near holiday season, Google expanded targeting by matching them with phone numbers and mailing address.  Now you can target audiences by uploading email addresses, phone number and mailing addresses. Screenshot below:

Customer Match Now Allow Advertisers to Target by Phone Numbers and Addresses

In New AdWords Interface, Advertisers can find the new targeting options of mailing address and phone numbers. You can upload audiences in to new AdWords Interface through audience manager. As you can see in the above screenshot, either you can use hashed and unhashed data. Complete guide is provided by Google to format customer data here.

New targeting method should be exciting for advertisers who have using customer matching options already. This targeting method is very powerful.

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