Expanded Text Ads Now Globally Available

Google has made biggest change to ad creative since AdWords was introduced. After Google removed side ads, now introduced Expanded Text Ads. This is first ever change to Ad creative.

Expanded Text Ads allows you to add two headlines of 30 characters each and 80 character long description line. Also allow to add two path for Display URL. You can write more text to your ad creative. Almost double information can be added in ad creative now compare to standard text ads.

AdWords UI:

Expanded Text Ads Now Globally Available

AdWords Editor:

Expanded Text Ads Now Globally Available


Expanded text ads will be optimize to fit mobile phone screen sizes. Google says they designed expanded text ads to give mobile users more information. It is expected expanded text ads to help increasing CTR.

Expanded Text Ads Now Globally Available
Standard Text Ads vs Expanded Text ads


AdWords Editor, AdWords API, Doubclick for Search, Marine and Kenshoo supports ETAs.

We now have 60 characters long headline available but advertisers has noticed that the second headline is getting truncated on desktop if Google doesn’t wrap headline.

Expanded Text Ads Now Globally Available
Source: TheSEMPost.com

On Twitter Google AdWords Official while replying to Advertisers suggested that it is better to make headline 33 characters long in order to avoid cut off. You can use the tool – Ad Preview and check how your ads are looking. (Source: Google AdWords Truncating Headline Ads )

Google has launched best practices guide to get best out of expanded text ads.


Standard Text Ads won’t be allowed as of 31st January 2017. You won’t be able to create and edit standard text ads from 31st Jan. After 31st Jan, you will be run and edit text ads using expanded text ad format. Existing standard text ads will be continue to be serve along with ETAs.

Source: Google Blog for AdWords – Expanded Text Ads

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