Free Primer Mobile App by Google for Marketing Tips

Google announced new mobile app Primer for Android and iOS both users. It’s a free app which provides you marketing tips in easy and fun way. Primer cover all topics from search advertising to mobile website designing.

You can take lessons from Primer anywhere and everywhere – online and even offline. Primer keeps adding new topics to provide users more lessons. Primers help to gain tips from basic to advance level includes topics such as SEO, remarketing, programmatic ad buying, storytelling etc.

Advertising, Measurement, Content and Strategy – all you can learn from Primer. Once you download app you will be asked to choose from topics as shown in below Image. You can simply choose topics and start learning.

Free Primer Mobile App by Google for Marketing Tips

Once you choose topics you can even save topics that are in your interest as shown in Image below:

Free Primer Mobile App by Google for Marketing Tips

And you can choose topics from Featured Lessons which is recommended learning by primer.

Free Primer Mobile App by Google for Marketing Tips

Primer is designed to help startups to small businesses to large businesses to brand managers. Primer is very easy and fun to use. Primer team looks for best explainers who are experts and having extensive knowledge. If you have an idea of lessons can get involved by writing an email at

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