Google AdWords Certification Exam

Everything You Need to Know about Google AdWords Certification!

Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation certificate for individuals who show knowledge of AdWords basics and advance aspects.

Google Certification exams for AdWords is designed for individuals to test their basic to advance knowledge of AdWords which includes campaign creation, management, measurement, optimization, reporting etc.

How to Start With AdWords Certification?

Sign up to Google Partners account to get started.

What are the Exam costs?

Exams are FREE of cost.

What are AdWords Certification Requirements?

In order to get Google certification, you need to pass 2 exams. AdWords Fundamentals Exam & any one of the following Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising.

In short, it’s mandatory to pass a fundamental exam to get certification along with any one of the rests of exams.

What is the Expiry of AdWords exams?

Fundamental expires every two years and All other exams expire in one year. Every 2 year you need to retake the fundamental exam and every year others.

What if I Fail AdWords Exam?

If you fail the AdWord exam, you can re-appear for the exam after 7 days.

What are all available exams of AdWords and where can I find Study material?

Below are links to the exam and it’s studying guides:

AdWords Fundamentals covers basic and intermediate aspects which include best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns. Link to study material AdWords Fundamentals

Search Advertising covers basics and advanced concepts across the search network. The exam includes best practices of creating, managing, optimizing campaigns on the Search Network. Link to study material Search Advertising

Display Advertising covers basic and advanced concepts across the display network. The exam includes best practices of creating, managing, optimizing campaigns on the Display Network. Link to study material Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising covers basic and advanced concepts of mobile advertising. The exam includes creating, ad formats, targeting, bidding, managing, and optimization. Link to study material Mobile Advertising

Video Advertising covers basic and advanced concepts of video advertising campaigns. The exam includes creating, ad formats, targeting, managing and optimization of video advertising campaigns across youtube. Link to study material Video Advertising

Shopping Advertising covers basic and advanced concepts of shopping campaigns. The exam includes creating Google Merchant Center account, product data feed and creating and managing Shopping campaigns. Link to study material Shopping Advertising

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How should I prepare to clear Google AdWords Exam?

To become Google certified individual, you need to go through AdWords study material shared above thoroughly. Go through study material closely.

Having hands on experience is also must to clear AdWords certifications. After getting some hands-on experience and playing around with AdWords interface you are ready to take Exams.

How to appear for AdWords Exams?

Sign in to your Google Partners Account

Click On Certifications > You will AdWords > Click on “See Exams”

Hover your mouse over Exam you like to take and click on Exam details

Now click on Take exam.

What are exam passing score, questions asked, time limit, lessons etc?

Passing percentage is 80% of all the exams. Fundamental, search and display advertising exam is for 120 minutes and mobile, video and shopping advertising exams for 90 minutes. About 100 questions will be asked in fundamentals, search and display exam. 74 questions to be asked for Video advertising exam, 70 questions for mobile advertising and 63 for shopping advertising exam.

How to Print AdWords Certificate?

Once you sign in to your Partners Profile > Click My Profile > Scroll to “Certifications and Exams” > Here you will notice all passed exams, certifications that you have got with an expiration date.

To Print: Click on the name of certification or click the Print button on the card for an exam that you are certified in.

How do I share my Certification status?

There are two ways to share your certification status:

  1. Print your personalized certification & share.
  2. Share your read-only public profile page. You profile demonstrate all the AdWords certification status and all the exams that you have cleared. This page is unique and you can make this page public to share with others. Go to My Profile > look for Public Profile > Select “Public” from the dropdown.

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