Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

I have come across many Google AdWords accounts where campaigns are so badly structured and a lot of money is wasted. I am writing this article so you can avoid these common Google AdWords Mistakes. Very common Google AdWords Mistake that I have been noticing since I started working on Google AdWords.

#1 Incorrect Keyword Match Types/Not Using Match Types

Most of the advertisers use default match type Broad Match in a campaign which triggers a lot of irrelevant searches, eventually means wasting a lot of money. Before you start a campaign, you need to think and decide what kind of keywords you want the user to search and you want your ad to appear. According to you your strategy, you need to decide which match type to add in the campaign to show ads on relevant keywords. Google has four match types to select: Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match and Exact Match. You need to understand Keyword Match type and its function to use it properly. Please read Guide to Keyword Match Types. Below is the screenshot shows an example of  BMM keyword with plus sign, phrase keyword with quotes and exact match with a square bracket.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

#2 Not Adding Negative Keywords

Yes, it is a very common Google AdWords MISTAKE if you are not adding negative keywords. Negative keywords prevent ads from showing on irrelevant queries which save cost and improve campaign performance. In fact, Negative keywords should be your best friend. Most common negative keywords should be part of your Google AdWords campaign strategy/proposal. And adding once you start working on the campaign, finding and adding negative keyword should be part of your optimization checklists. Please Read Understand Negative Keywords. Below is the screenshot shows where to find negative keyword option and where to add them.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

#3 Not Adding Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to show additional information beneath your ad copy. Which means you are giving the user more opportunity to know about your product and services even before they click your ad. Ad extensions are very important to add also because Ad extensions are part of Ad Rank. Also, helps improves CTR which leads to higher QS. Check your campaigns and add ad extensions which are eligible for Ad campaigns right away. Please read Understand AdWords Ad Extensions and Types of AdWords Ad Extensions. Below is the screenshot shows where to find ad extensions tab and all available ad extensions.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

#4 Incorrect Landing Page

The landing page that you are using in ad copy should be relevant to a user query. Imagine you have created a very good, catchy ad copy and added ad extensions. Everything looks good on your ad copy but when the user clicks on an ad, it takes the user to wrong landing page or home page of the website. Or you have displayed offers, discounts in your ad copy but after clicking ad, the user does not see any information related to offers and discounts on the landing page. The user will lose interest and will not convert. Using correct landing pages are important to convert click into conversion. Very important to maintain relevancy between keyword, ad and landing page. If the user is searching for chocolates, ad copy should state chocolate and when user click on chocolate a, the user should see chocolates on the landing page.

#5 Not Tracking Conversions

I still see a lot of accounts, where conversions are not being tracked. Once campaigns are uploaded and are running, you would need to optimize it better to bring better results and for this, you need performance stats. Implementing conversion tracking and activating Google Analytics is very important to determine campaign performance. This will help you analyze which keywords, ad copies, landing pages etc are best performing and bringing you leads and which needs rethinking. Below is the screenshot which shows to find conversion tracking option. Go to Tools and click on conversions and it will take you to +Conversion. You can now implement conversion tracking.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

#6 Not Testing Adcopy Variations

Another common Google AdWords mistake is running only 1 ad variation in the ad group. Adding and testing multiple variations of the call to action, ad text etc helps you to analyze what is working and what is not. It is better to keep testing variations of ad copy and keep performing ad copies and active and pause underperforming. You will be able to improve performance and also would able to see what is not working. You can incorporate keyword in ad text to maintain the relevance of your ad copy text with user search query.

#7 Not Choosing Right Campaign Settings

Another very big Google AdWords mistake that advertiser does when they start a new campaign is not changing default settings. When you start a campaign, you should always change default campaign settings to the right campaign settings. Listing few most common AdWords campaign settings which you need to reconsider when creating a campaign:

  • Choosing campaign type: Search Network with Display Select

    Most of the new advertisers make this mistake of choosing Search Network with Display Select campaign type. Every campaign type has its own relevance. Search network with display select shows ads on search network and display network. This campaign type is for advertisers with a low budget who wants to show ads on both search and display network. If you want to show ads only on Search Network, should select search network only and if want to show ads on display network select display network only. It is recommended to create separate search and display campaign so you can allot budget and can measure performance.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

  • Not changing Sub Campaign type From Standard to All Features

    The Very common mistake of not selecting “All Features” as campaign sub-type. If you will not select All Features, you will not be able to see some important settings such as ad scheduling, location advance settings etc. To utilize AdWords fully always select “All Features”.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

  • Not Utilizing Advance Location Options

    Once select locations to target in the campaigns, generally advertisers overlook options called “Location options (advance). Once you click on the + sign and expand you will see advanced location settings. Choose appropriate advanced location settings based on your targeting audience. Please read more on Location Advance Settings.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

  • ECPC bidding option

    By default, ECPC option is selected under campaign setting when you select bid strategy. Opt out of this bid strategy when you start the campaign. ECPC automatically adjust bids to bring conversions from the clicks that are more likely to convert. ECPC is very good bidding strategy but try it once you have some statistical stats. So based on campaign historical stats, AdWords system will be able to adjust your bids for better. Please read more on About Enhanced CPC.


Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

  • Not Changing Ad Rotation Option

    By default ad rotation settings is set to “optimize for clicks”. Change ad rotation settings for new campaigns and when you upload new ad copies to “Rotate Evenly”. This will allow you ad copies to rotate evenly when you have more than one ad copy in the ad group. Please read more About Ad Rotation Settings.


Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

  • Not Using Device Bid Adjustment

    You are losing a lot if you are not utilizing device bid adjustment. Device bidding and performance differ and that is why we can adjust bids for an individual device. Please read on Device bid adjustments.

Avoid 7 Most Common Google AdWords Mistakes

Above are few most common Google AdWords Mistakes to avoid when you are working on AdWords campaigns. If you have any concern, doubts, and suggestions, please let me know by making a comment below.

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