AdWords New Maximize Conversions Bidding

Maximize Conversions Bidding

Google recently announced new automatic bidding strategy Maximize Conversions. This new bidding strategy is to bring you most of the conversions within your daily budget. Maximize conversions bidding automatically set a bid for each auction to help you gain most conversions uses advance machine learning. Maximize Conversions is AdWords new smart bidding strategy which uses Google’s advanced machine learning technology to automatically optimize your bids for each and every auction – it’s also called auction time bidding. The goal of maximize conversions is to bring you most of the conversions within your budget for your campaigns and you do no need to set bids and bid adjustments.

To set maximize bidding for your campaigns, adgroups and keywords, you need to first set up conversion tracking.

Maximize conversions bidding finds optimal bid for the auction you are eligible to appear using historical information about campaign. Google’s algorithm evaluate the contextual signals for each auction, time of the day, specific adcopy being shown, user’s device, location, browser and operating system.

To implement Maximize conversions bidding strategy, you just need to go to campaign settings > change bidding strategy and select Maximize conversions.

AdWords New Maximize Conversions Bidding

It works for the campaigns that has own budget. Do not work if the campaign is a part of shared budget.

Maximize conversions try to spend full budget of your campaign, so If currently your campaigns are spending less of daily budget, you can see spike in daily budget spend. It is advisable to consider your daily budget before you implement this bidding strategy.

If you campaign goal is to achieve target CPA (cost-per-acquisition) or ROAS (return on ad spend), you should not use maximize conversions bidding as goal of this bidding strategy is to bring most of the conversions by spending full daily budget.

To read more please visit Google AdWords help Center About Maximize Conversions

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