Google Shopping Integration with Bigcommerce

Today, Bigcommerce announced partnership with Google Shopping. Awesome announcement for Google Shopping (E-commerce) Advertisers. Now it will be easy and less time consuming for Advertisers to submit product feed to Google Shopping campaigns. Advertisers can reach millions of customers who are interested in your products.

Google Shopping Integration with Bigcommerce
Image Source: Bigcommerce Blog

Adding, deleting, updating new products will be very easy with bigcommerce. Bigcommerce will automatically submit data to your Google shopping campaigns. With this new partnership of bigcommerce to google shopping it is now becomes really easy for you to drive more sales.

You know Google shopping helps to show ads on google search and mobile search. Here is the video to know more:
Benefits of Integrating Bigcommerce with Google Shopping:

Automatic Submissions of new products and it doesn’t require additional effort. You just need to keep your bigcommerce account upto date. Add new products to bigcommerce store and it will automatically update your Google Shopping.

Data accuracy: you just need to import fresh data to your bigcommerce store without additional task.

You don’t need to create and submit separate files to Google, Google shopping will automatically use product information you are having in bigcommerce account.

Need more information, head here for Google Shopping Setup Guide. We will update when we will get more information on same. Stay tune!

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