Improvements To Quality Score Reporting

Most awaited improvement to Quality Score reporting. As we all already know that to check quality score components – Expected CTR, adcopy relevance and landing page relevance we needed to check keyword status. Now we can add new columns to keywords tab. In the below screnshot we have shown the new columns that we can add:

Improvements To Quality Score Reporting

To improve performance of campaigns,  you can add new historical Quality Score and its components columns. This will help you understand how the changes that you have made in your campaign performed. You can see and check if the Quality score improved or got worse for selected date range. You won’t be able to see historical quality score for dates before 22nd January, 2016.

Another important report to check is by adding Day segment under keywords tab. This report will show quality score for the end of each day for selected date range against current quality score. To check this report go to keyword tab, under segment select > Time > Day.

Improvements To Quality Score Reporting
Image Source: Inside AdWords

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