Life Event Targeting In Google AdWords

Life event targeting is now available globally to all AdWords Advertisers. If you are not aware about “Life Events”, life event is a new targeting available in AdWords which allows advertisers to target users around major life events such as graduating from college, moving, and marriage. With the help of this targeting method, you can target user before and after the event for better targeting audience. For example, If you are a wedding photographer or a wedding venue provider, you can target users planning a wedding. Google has thee life events to choose, college graduation, marriage, and moving.

Life events are available to Gmail and Video campaigns.

Steps to Setup Life Events:

In order to setup life events, you need to set up Gmail or Video campaign because life event targeting can be done at ad group level. For any other campaign type, targeting will not work.

First, create Adgroup for Life Events Targeting:

Select: Audiences

Life Event Targeting In Google AdWords

Select: Life Events:
Life Event Targeting In Google AdWordsChoose Life Events Audiences you want to target:
Life Event Targeting In Google AdWordsYou can also choose from each live event targeting drop down: Before and after.

Life Event Targeting In Google AdWords

You can also Exclude life events at campaign or ad group level.

Life event targeting is a new great option to reach targeted customers as they graduate college, moving and get married. Advertisers are already seeing good results from this new targeting method. Try this new targeting!

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