Everyday Metrics To Measure Google AdWords Performance

Advertising on Google AdWords but not measuring performance is the biggest AdWords mistake to make. After creating a well-structured campaign, measure performance is essential for the continuous improvement of the advertising campaigns. Spent time preparing good campaign using keyword match types, negative keywords and followed all best practices BUT NOT measuring performance is WRONG. Google AdWords provides us metrics and reports that help us making a strategy to improve the performance. Google AdWords has become more complex and many advertisers face the issue and ask questions like “How to measure Google AdWords performance” and “How to improve performance”.

In this article, I have covered Everyday metrics to measure Google AdWords statistics that you should measure to improve your advertising efforts and build successful Google AdWords campaigns.

Metrics to Track Traffic Performance

Many metrics you can check at campaign, keyword, adgroup and ad-copy level which indicates how much traffic you are generating these includes impressions, clicks, CTR, Quality Score etc.

CTR (Click-through Rate)

CTR is one of the important metrics to improve in AdWords advertising campaigns. Higher CTR means your keywords and user searches are highly relevant. Higher CTR also helps improve Quality score which further leads to good Avg Position and less cost to pay for each click.

Quality Score

Quality Score is metric that determines the relevancy of a keyword, ad-copy and landing page to user search query. Google evaluate keyword quality score based on:

  • Expected CTR
  • Adcopy Relevance
  • Landing page relevance


Clicks determine traffic that your keywords are generating. You can check keywords which are generating clicks and are popular. If your ad-copy are not getting clicks it means ads are not relevant to user searches and improvement is required.

Metrics to Keep track of Ad position

Avg. position determines at which position your ad appears. Keeping track of avg position and which avg position is profitable for you is also one of the metrics you should check on a daily basis.

Metrics to Keep track of Conversion

Measuring traffic is an initial step but tracking only traffic does not help determine the profitability of your campaign. You are required to track conversion in order to track if the traffic that your keywords are generating are proving conversion or not. Conversion tracking setup is easy and should be done. If you are not yet tracking conversion, I advise you to do this as soon as possible.


Tracking conversion stats help you understand clicks that keywords are generating driving conversions or not.  You are able to track the number of phone calls, form submission, sale to your business. If you are only getting traffic but not receiving conversions it means you really need to work on campaign performance and landing page improvement.

Cost per conversion

Cost per conversion is a very important metric to measure as it tells you the cost of each conversion you are getting for your business. It is essential to know the cost of each conversion as it helps you measure if the campaign is profitable. When you are generating leads, it is really important to measure if your leads are turning into a customer or not and at what cost.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the metrics which tells you the ratio of clicks turning into conversions. Which means traffic that is generated on your site are performing desired actions. High conversion rate is what we aim for. You can check conversion rate for keywords, adcopies, campaign, adgroups and take further strategical decisions.

Metrics to measure ROI

ROI (Return on Investment) is the very important metrics to measure if you are meeting business goals. When you track ROI, you will be able to measure the profitability of your campaigns. Measure Google AdWords campaigns, ad copies, adgroups and keywords ROI to see what is working and what is not.


ROI is the ratio of profit that your gained based on the amount that you have spent on advertising. You can make a calculation using a simple formula:

AdWords ROI – (Total profit – advertising costs)/Advertising costs X 100

Lead Tracking

When you are generating leads and using CRM or enquiry log spreadsheets, you can track which enquiries are converting into paid customer. Help you track which campaign delivers profitable results.

Call Tracking

For a lot of business, calls are the primary source of enquiry. With features such as Call-only AdWords campaigns, call ad extension, calls on phone number displayed on the website, advertisers are able to track calls using a Google forwarding number. You can track which keyword, ad copies triggered calls and which call converted into business. Tracking business profitability from calls that you are generating via AdWords advertising is very essential.

Shopping Revenue Tracking

Shopping websites, it’s important to make sure you are tracking the conversions value for the cart transactions. You can set conversion value for your products and this helps you get ROI stats from AdWords. A couple of ways to set e-commerce campaigns conversion tracking, you can implement e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics and later import into AdWords OR you can modify conversion code that sends the conversion value to Google AdWords.


Measure profitability of advertising efforts is essential. When you measure Google AdWords campaigns stats, you understand what is working for you. Which helps you make a strategy to improve the performance of the campaigns. When profitability is less, you need to make changes to the campaigns to improve it.

Google Resource: Measure AdWords

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