Top 9 Google AdWords Reports You Should Never Miss to Monitor

Spending hard earned money on AdWords and not monitoring your campaigns is the biggest mistake. It is essential to monitor advertising efforts and analyze your AdWords campaigns for goals that you aim to achieve through AdWords platform. Google provides us many AdWords reports to monitor which further help us to make strategies in order to improve campaign performance. Without analyzing and monitoring AdWords reports you can not measure Google AdWords profitability.

AdWords reports that every advertiser should NOT MISS monitoring

Device Report: We can run AdWords campaigns on multi-devices i.e. Desktop/laptop, tablets, and mobiles. But the performance from each device differs. Monitoring individual device report is very important so that you can analyze performance and can take strategic decisions such as the bid for each device if any particular device is not showing up desired results you can stop showing ads on that device and you can also set bid adjustments for each device to get desired results. You are allowed to set -90% to +900% bid adjustment for the device. -100% when you completely want to stop showing ads on the device.

Search Term Report: Major report to analyze for search campaign. Search term report gives you phrases that user typed on Google to see your ads. Analyze report to see if the phrases are relevant to your keywords. Relevancy between keywords and user search term results in improvement of CTR and Quality score. You can target relevant keywords from search query report by adding them as keywords and you can also add the irrelevant keyword as a negative keyword. The essential report which tells if your ads are appearing for the relevant audience for relevant queries.

Placement Performance Report: Placement performance report is major report to analyze for display campaigns as search term report is for search campaigns. Placement report tells you on which placements your ads are appearing. You can also see internal pages of placements where ad appears. Based on analyzation you can then decide which placement to bid on and which placement to exclude.

Auction Insight Report: Again it’s an important report which tells you how you perform in comparison to your competitors. This report also gives you competitors names you are competing for the same auction. Under this report you get following data:

  • Display URL Domain: Competitors participating in the same auction.
  • Impression Share: Impression share received divided by estimated impressions you are eligible to receive.
  • Average Position: Avg. position of your ads against your competitor’s ads.
  • Overlap Rate: Overlap rate tells you how often competitor received an impression in the same auction when your ad also received an impression. 
  • Position Above Rate: When your and competitor both ad appears for an auction, “Position above rate” tells you how often competitor ad shows in the higher position than your ad.
  • Top Of Page Rate: “Top of page rate” tells you how often your ad appears at the top of the SERP.
  • Outranking Share: “Outranking share” tells you how often your ad appears higher than the competitor in the auction. Also when your ad appears but competitor ad did not appear. 

Impression Share Report: Impression share report tells you how your ads are performing in terms of getting impressions.

  • Search Impression Share: Impressions you received on search network campaigns divided by estimated impressions you are eligible to receive.
  • Search Lost IS (Rank): Estimated Impressions you didn’t receive due to bad ad rank.
  • Search Lost IS (Budget): Estimated Impressions you missed due to low budget
  • Search Exact Match IS: Impressions you received divided by impressions you are eligible to receive for search terms exactly matches with your keywords.

Quality Score Report: Quality score historical stats helps you analyze how changes are impacting QS of keywords. In order to see this report, you need to modify columns and add columns to analyze historical quality score data. Read More

Time of the Day Report: One of the very important AdWords reports which helps us understand what time, day, hour, month works for our campaigns. This report further helps us make bid adjustment on the basis of performance for days and hour of the day. You can see this report under dimension tab.

Geographic Report: Geo report is also very important to monitor, it tells you the user physical location or user’s location of interest based on the user searches and content they viewed. Read More

User Location Report: This report shows user physical location regardless of the location they have shown interest. Read More

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