New Ad Extension Structured Snippet

Google introduced New Ad Extension Structured Snippet for all advertisers globally on 27th August 2015. As we all very well know, Google keeps bringing new Ad extensions for advertisers, this time Google rolled out Structured Snippets for advertisers to highlight specific content of your product or services along with text ad. Now you can highlight more aspects of your product or services with your text ad, you can highlight more relevant information. See below screenshots how an ad looks like with structured snippets.

New Ad Extension Structured Snippet
Image Source: Inside AdWords Blog

How to add Structured Snippet extension?

Step1: Choose your campaign in which you want to add structured snippet Ad Extensions.

Step2: Click to Ad Extensions Tab

Step3: Choose Structured Snippet extensions from View Drop Down.

Step4: Click +EXTENSIONS Red button.

Step5: Click +New Structured Snippet

Step:6 Choose Header from available options as shown in below screenshot:

New Ad Extension Structured Snippet
Structured Snippet All Available Header

Step7: Add Values. You can add upto 10 Values.

Step8: Hit Save.

How structured snippets differs from callouts Ad extensions

  1. Structured snippets allow to show specific aspects about your product or services for example: Brands: Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Nike (if your product is Shoes, you can choose Brands as header). While Callouts can be – cash on delivery, free shipping, 15 days return, cash back etc.
  2. Structured Snippets headers are pre-defined, you need to choose one of them, and you can’t create your own header. All available headers are shown in Image above. While Callouts can be defined by Advertisers. You can decide callout to show along with ad.
  3. Minimum 1 structured snippets can be show. Maximum structured snippet shows according to the length of value specified by you and the screen size available. While callouts Minimum 2 and maximum 4 can show.

Structured Snippet extensions are compatible with “Search with Display select” & search network only. In order to use structured snippet extensions you need to add minimum three values. You can add maximum 10 values. Each snippet value is limited to 25 characters including spaces. The theme of snippets that you added in the header and its value should match. Text that you add in the value column should be family safe. Google launched structured snippet in English language only, so you only create snippets in English language.

Ad extensions help improve campaign performance and CTR. Ad extensions also considered important factor in Ad Rank – It is always recommended to add all eligible ad extensions.

For more information on Structured Snippets Extensions, Head here.


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