New Changes to Quality Score Reporting


Google  announced changes to Quality Score metrics few months back that quality score for all new keywords would be default value of 6. Now Google is provide more transparency to Quality score report in AdWords. Now Starting from September 12, all new keywords will have null (–) quality score. Null (–) value will be given to all new keywords and also to keywords will lesser impressions and clicks. Once your keyword will receive enough stats you will see keyword actual Quality Score.

When you will filter quality score metrics in reports and in automated rules, keyword with null value will not be included.  But you will see the option to include quality score of null value (–) in your reports. By tick mark option “include keywords with quality score of “–“, you will be able to include keywords will null quality score in your reports and automated rules.

New Changes to Quality Score Reporting


Read more on Quality Score here.

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