Google Updates Reporting Changes to AdWords Keywords Quality Score

Quality Score Factors

On Monday, 29th July 2015, Google announced changes in AdWords Keywords Quality Score Reporting.  Here is the announcement on Keyword Quality Score Updates. This update only will effect reporting, it will not affect the performance. This update doesn’t affect quality score calculation methodology,  ad auction and ad servicing. It will only …

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Add Callout Extension in Search Network Campaigns

AdWords Call Out Extension

Add Callout Extension in Search Network Campaigns To provide great experience to users and better results to Advertisers Google keep introducing various Ad Extensions. Last year (2014) September, Google introduced Callout Extensions for search campaigns.  Callout extensions allow AdWords advertisers to show additional text beneath your Ad. Callout extensions shows up …

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Quick Intro to AdWords Keyword Match Types

Keyword Match Types

Read Latest Article here: Guide To AdWords Keyword Match Types Most common mistake by new advertiser is not choosing the correct match type according to requirements. Most users choose broad match keywords by default in their new campaign and drive lot of irrelevant traffic. Each match type has its own relevance …

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New Additions in Keyword Planner

AdWord Keyword Planner

Google AdWords Keyword Planner has always been a useful tool for advertisers. To search for keywords and get estimates of competition, globally searches, monthly searches, average CPC etc. Now Google has made this tool from smart to smarter and brings some very cool useful additions. Get more insights on search …

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