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Google introduced Smart Display campaigns which will work automatically. Smart display campaign already started to rolling out to all advertisers globally which will help you reach more customers easily. This new campaign use machine learning to automate your display campaigns. These campaigns automatically find customers who may be interested in your services/products by using insights of millions of websites, apps, blogs and setting bids to meet performance goals and create images, native ads and text ads to fit all ad spaces across display campaigns.

Google shares in blogpost, Advertisers using smart display campaigns has shown 20% increase in conversions at same cost per conversion rate compare to advertisers who are using regular display campaigns.

Read about Smart Display Campaign announcement by Google

Smart Display Campaigns automate and optimize combining 3 technologies:

  • Automate Targeting: New display campaigns automate targeting and optimizes as your campaign runs.
  • Automate Bidding: This campaign use Target CPA, focusing on conversions. Smart display campaigns optimize bids to show your ads on each and every auction which likely to bring conversion. Work on bringing more conversions meeting cost per conversion goals.
  • Automate Ad Creation: Automatically generate ads using headlines, descriptions, logos, images that you provide. Ads automatically generated are responsive that fits across display network.

To enable smart Display campaigns, you should have conversion tracking installed. You can enable smart display campaign when you have already received at least 50 conversions on display network and 100 conversions on search network in last 30 days.

Set up your campaign > Select Display Network only campaign > Select Marketing Objective > Under Drive Action option > Scroll and find “Use Smart Display Campaign”. Here you will need to select campaign settings such as language, location etc. Also set your daily budget and Target CPA.

You will be able to exclude placements exclusions and site category exclusions.

Learn more about Smart Display Campaigns:

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