TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

TrueView Campaigns in Core AdWords Interface 

Google now introduced TrueView campaigns in AdWords Interface only alongside Search, Display, and Shopping campaign. Previously you would needed to go to special section within AdWords called Online Video, now you can choose to create TrueView campaign within AdWords main Interface. AdWords now makes it easier to optimize when you are working on multiple campaign types. With all campaigns types under same window Google also introduced new features for video. Better experience than before. I love how Google take care of Advertisers and brings better and faster experience for us. Google office never sits idle. 🙂

TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

What’s New in AdWords Interface?

Now you can see Campaign Type Selector drop down on left corner “All Campaigns” Section. When you are working on multiple campaign type and want to see only selected campaign type this feature is very handy. The best is when you select particular campaign type you will see most relevant columns and tabs that is required to manage, optimize and reporting that campaign. For Instance, if you select Video Campaigns, you will see all video campaigns only under “All Campaigns” and all tabs and columns related to video campaigns. Shown in Screenshot Below:

TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

What’s New in Video TrueView Ads?

Google is replacing Targeting group for Video ads with adgroups. Now each group you will create will be called adgroup as it is being called for campaigns type – search, display and shopping.

Each adgroup can only have single TrueView Ad Format either in-display or in-stream but since you can create multiple adgroups in single campaign, you can have one adgroup for in-display and one for in-stream in single campaign. You can’t run both Video ad format in single adgroup.

TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

As now Video campaigns are part of core AdWords Interface, you can take advantage of all features such as schedule reporting, sending it to dedicated user, bulk editing of bids also you can FILTER results for more powerful reporting and analysis.

Wondering what about Remarketing and other features, don’t worry now you can see Video Remarketing, linking YouTube channels under shared library.

Video Remarketing Screenshot:

TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

Linking Youtube Channel Screenshot:

TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

Also under Videos Tab, you will be able to see analytics of your video ads and can manage targeting under Video Targeting tab.

Upgrade Video Campaigns

It’s an amazing experience for users to have all campaigns types in once place. This change will make our work more easy and less time consuming. FROM TODAY, you would needed to upgrade to ad group structure as it’s time to say good bye to OLD Online Campaigns interface.

If you don’t want to upgrade your video campaigns to new structure, Google will automatically upgrade starting in six weeks. If you want to upgrade yourself, you just need to click All Video Campaigns and click into Upgrade center and switch all campaigns easily. Historical stats and targeting of you campaigns will also be shifted, so don’t worry and Go ahead!!

TrueView Campaigns Now in Google AdWords

Resource AdWords Blog: The power of video meets the capabilities of AdWords – all TrueView campaigns now in AdWords

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