Understand AdWords Ad Extensions

Understand AdWords Ad Extensions
Manual Ad Extensions under AdWords UI

What is AdWords Ad Extensions?

AdWords Ad Extensions allow advertisers to show additional information with AdWords adcopy which makes your adcopy more valuable. Adding AdWords ad extensions to your ads make your ads more catchy, informative and relevant for user. Showing additional information with adcopy such as phone number, features etc on adcopy make your adcopy more visible, valuable to customer which than enhance CTR, Ad Positions.

How does Ad Extensions work?

Google AdWords displays ad extensions along with your adcopy when AdWords system analyze that ad extensions that you have added in your campaign will improve the performance of your ad. Google AdWords can show one or more than one ad extensions with your ad when Ad Rank is good. It can happen sometime that you have added AdWords extensions and still your extensions are not showing up with ad because Google AdWords system requires minimum Ad Rank. In this case, it is recommended to raise bids for your keywords and improve quality of your ad. Why AdWords Ad Extensions are not showing up? AdWords ad extensions can be added manually and also there are some automated ad extensions. We can not create automated ad extensions and can’t see these extensions type option in our Ad extensions tab. Google automatically shows these extensions along with adcopy when Google AdWords system analyze that these extensions can improve ad performance.

How much do we need to pay for AdWords Ad Extensions?

For some of the AdWords ad extensions you are charged same as you charged for ad click. Not all extensions are chargeable. Cost of AdWords ad extensions are calculated same as your headline click. You are charged per click when user click additional links beneath your ads (Sitelink), download app button (App) , get directions button (Location), get message button(Message), click on call button (Call) and more. Google do not charge you anything for click on review and seller ratings extensions. Some ad extensions such as structured snippet and callout extensions are not clickable hence they are not being charged.

Relation between AdWords Ad Extensions & Ad Rank

Ad Extensions are part of Ad Rank calculation along with CPC and quality score of your ads. If you add all eligible ad extensions to your business in your ad, you can get clicks for less cost per click. Ad Extensions helps improve your ad rank and thus improve the performance of ad. Based on your ad rank Google determines which ad extensions are eligible to show with your ad.

AdWords Ad Extensions & Campaign Type:

Some of your Ad Extensions shows up when you set campaign sub type to “All Features”. Ad Extensions appears on Search Network Campaigns and some of the ad extensions also can appear on display network campaign type. All ad extensions are eligible to run on Search Network only & Search Network with Display Select Campaign. Only Call Extension and Location extensions can also be shown on Display Network.

In next Article we will write “Types of AdWords Ad Extensions

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